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Basic check before calling the refrigerator technician

Schedule a visit of technician if you are facing problems with your refrigerators.


Are you planning to buy a refrigerator? Or are you looking for a suitable refrigerators Jacksonville appliance service center to fix your fridge? If you have a broken fridge then you need to call the service technician home. Before calling the service personnel home you have to do certain preliminary checks on your fridge. You cannot call the service technician if you have an unpleasant odor coming from fridge! You are responsible for the food that you loaded and got spoilt! Elementary stuff like loose connections and wrong settings can be easily fixed by any one and if you fail to set that right you will have to unnecessarily shell out for the technician’s visit.


  • If the refrigerator works and the light fail to work you can replace the bulb.
  • If the fridge and bulb does not work then check for loose connection, circuit breaker and power cord.
  • Check temperature settings and defrost timer if the fridge does not run but light works.
  • Check temperature settings if fridge or freezer is not cold enough or gets too cold.
  • Defrost the freezer, check the door seals and the door switch if the fridge runs continuously.
  • Check the defrost timer if the freezer does not defrost automatically.
  • If you find water on the floor outside or in the fridge you need to check the drain pipe.


After checking all the above points if you still have the problem persisting, then, it is time you called one of the Jacksonville refrigerators appliance repair centers and schedule a technician’s visit.



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